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I’m trying to rid myself of social media

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Gather round. I’ve something to say[/caption]
Hi. Hello there. Thanks for popping along to this, my website. Fuck it, let’s call it a blog. I’ve recently become a little perturbed by the world of social media. After reading Jaron Lanier’s brilliant “Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now” I thought to myself, “He’s got a point”.

So, here’s the plan. I’m gonna focus on this instead, gradually binning off my social accounts. I’ll focus my efforts on a newsletter for those who are interested and will plop out the occasional video that wasn’t shat out in 5 minutes after a bad idea popped into my head.

So. Join me won’t you. Oh, the newsletter sign up isn’t ready yet, but it will be soon. It’s gonna be great, in fact, this illustration from Atari back in the day is exactly what’s it gonna be like when my newsletter drops in your inbox. “HEY EVERYONE, OLLIE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY! GATHER ROUND”



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