Getting wet


The pandemic has got my brain firing ideas all over the place. It’s like a phone pinging me notifications and suggestions of things I should try or pursue. One of those things is taking pictures. I’ve been taking pictures ever since my Mum bought me a 35mm Minolta SLR for my 12th birthday. I’ve loved it ever since, but have never seriously tried to get better.

What better time to do that than now then? Rather than just snap, snaps like everyone with a smartphone, I wanted to focus my attention on a specific area. Water, I thought, would be a good place to start. I’m lucky enough to live near the sea and I like to get wet – perfect.

I snagged a beat up underwater housing from eBay and got snapping. Below are the preliminary results. So far I’m terrible at controlling myself in the water. I get knocked over by waves and struggle to get myself into position for a decent shot. Still, I’ll keep trying and will share my progress on here for your perusal. If you have any tips or advice for underwater/on water photography, lemme know!