Summon THE GLOVE FROM ABOVE, bash your screen, get mad, get happy and witness the best live quiz/gameshow on the internet, probably.

InterTrash LOCKDOWN LIVE is an online experience the likes of which you have never…err…experienced. It’s like swimming in warm ice cream while being sexually pleasured by fantastical creatures tickling your bits, winning the lottery, Trump losing the next election and Brexit being cancelled all rolled into one massive, stupid, idiotic digital splurge for you to gobble up.


First things first, we need to summon the GLOVE FROM ABOVE. Until this happens, nothing happens. To do that one of you must choose an appropriate song to coax it from it’s rubbery heaven.

The Glove From Above

Once coaxed, the game can begin.

There are FIVE categories that you can choose from. To decide which round you want first, just bash away on the appropriate emoji. The one with the most votes is up. Here are the rounds.

Game Of Moans

A celeb punching a pap, a politician getting riled in an interview or someone losing it in a socially distanced super market queue, Game Of Moans takes moments of fury and delivers weak and ill-thought-out questions from them for you to answer. It’s mostly so we can laugh at famous people losing their shit, because their famous and, well, Chris Martin getting angry never get’s old


We all love a LOL, but no one has ever LOLLED when they’ve written LOL. They may have smirked, but that’s about it. This round is sure to make your smirk. Maybe. I’m not gonna promise anything.

That's Cute

Dogs eating children’s ice cream, cats falling down anything or a child hilariously asking an Alexa for some seriously hardcore dildo action by mistake. All of these moments are simply joyous and are what this is round is made for. Also, it’s a heart. What the fuck else was I supposed to do?

The Arts

Music, movies, theatre, art (NOT CRAFTS) books, all that stuff smashed into a round for the well cultured. 


Want your mind blown? then stick around for this belter of a round. Did you know oranges were originally green?! FUCK ME!!! or that there’s no specific time zone at the South Pole?! HOLY FUCKING SHIT?! Or that Nicholas Cage IS AN ACTOR?! KA BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Join me every WEDNESDAY at 8pm to find out what all the fuss is about. Bring a drink, boozy or not and get yourself ready for some stupidity.

Remind yourself on the link at the top, and I’ll see you there.